How sustainable development improves your life

How sustainable development improves your life

After the European economic crisis as well as the coronavirus pandemic, there seems to be a shift in real estate activity in some European markets including Ireland, Spain, Italy and Greece. Embracing a new reality, real estate development in Greece is on the rise, focusing on new trends that have the potential to reshape the future of real estate.

Facing the demands of this new age and the transformations of people’s mindset, Greece contributes to sustainable real estate development with a focus on environmental and social responsibility.

Spending most of the time at home between living areas and bedrooms has helped people realize the importance of their surroundings. They no longer look at their home as a place to hang their hat, but as a place to relax and unwind, feel safe and warm, be connected to the environment and enjoy balance along with the benefits of nature. As a nest, built with natural materials that soothe the senses and create an escape from the everyday hassles.

This has led to the return of classic modernism and authenticity, to well-designed buildings constructed with technical expertise and technological precision according to the principles of sustainability and life cycle assessment.

Sustainable development is focused on improving people’s living conditions while preserving their environment and surroundings on a long-term basis.

Other real estate development trends include the improvement of energy efficiency and the new wave of minimalism opting for simplicity in the use of materials to ensure thermal and acoustic comfort as well as environmental and economic balance.

Green real estate development construction covers a wide range of practices in renewable energy, smart technology, reusing and reducing waste. The idea is to promote the production and design of passive homes with low ventilation and low exhaust, with open, multi-functional spaces filled with natural light guaranteeing utmost comfort and wellness.

Supporting green real estate development and adhering to ESG standards (Environmental, Social, and Governance), Grammikos Group development company in Athens, Greece has adapted to the changing market by following the most innovative and sustainable real estate development practices.

Grammikos Group considers sustainable investment to be a life investment that will better people’s quality of life with homes that are more functional, comfortable to live in, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Homes that inspire you to stay at home and live your life, every day, to the fullest.



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